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ABB Ekip Connect Secondary Injection Test Set Now for Rent from Protec

The ABB Ekip Connect Secondary Injection Test Set is a software application for personal computers that interfaces with ABB low voltage circuit-breakers equipped with compatible protection releases. 


The test set allows the releases to be configured, monitored, controlled and tested. Ekip Connect can connect to the releases in the point-to-point or network modes, and connection is made using the front test connector or to communication modules installed on the circuit-breaker.

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Protec Rents Fluke Multimeters with Features to Fit Your Specific Need

A standard diagnostic tool in the electrical industry, a digital multimeter is used to measure two or more electrical values, mainly voltage (volts), current (amps) and resistance (ohms).

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For Accurate Low Resistance Measurement Rent the Megger DLRO10HD

Low resistance measurement is used to determine the condition of joined junctions like circuit breaker and relay contacts and terminals. When these joints weaken, carbon deposits, grease, dirt and other contaminants resulting in the resistance to increase, which in turn causes the junction to not efficiently carry the current, dissipating the power losses as heat. Thus, leading to further deterioration and eventual failure.

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