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What is a Secondary Injection Test Kit

The protective devices that are used for the oversight and operational decision making in low voltage circuit breakers (LVCBs) are are often simply referred to as a Solid-State Trip device (SST).  They are essentially protective relays that are frequently an integrated part of a low voltage circuit breaker and monitor the primary current path of the circuit breaker.  In normal operation, these solid-state trip devices will sense changes in the primary current path and make the decision to open the circuit based on the magnitude and duration of the fluctuation. 


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Rent the Megger SG32-1500M Power Cable Fault Locator from Protec

The Megger SG32-1500M Power Cable Fault Locator is a portable cable fault location and high voltage test system designed to provide quick, effective, accurate and safe fault location, thereby reducing system outages and time lost.


The Megger SG32-1500M is housed in a rugged yet portable enclosure, which makes it suitable for use in and outdoor conditions.

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Doble's Single Phase Relay Test Sets

Relays play a critical role in the protection of electrical power systems. They are used to monitor and control the operation of power system components.  For example, if a protective relay were to senses a fault condition, it could tell a circuit breaker or some other protective device to open and thereby isolate the faulted portion of the circuit.  

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