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Testing of Electromechanical Protective Relays

Electromechanical Protective Relays are usually attached to medium voltage circuit breakers to detect abnormalities in the current flowing within the electrical system. 

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2 and 3 Point Ground Resistance Meters from Megger

With the advancement in ground resistance measurement technologies, much of the test equipment currently available for this purpose now provide the convenience of Clamp-On technologies that are in some applications preferable to the traditional 2-3 point testing methods. These clamp-on ground resistance meters provide the potential to save valuable time and effort by inducing a current into the ground through electromagnetic coupling. The jaws then sense the voltage drop around the loop and automatically calculate the ground resistance using Ohm's Law.

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When it Comes to Partial Discharge Testing, Protec Has What You Need

Partial Discharge (PD) occurs when electrical discharges take place inside medium and high voltage insulation due to imperfections in the system (flaws, cracks, voids, irregularities).

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