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Secondary Injection Test Kit by Siemens

When it comes to inspecting and maintaining protective relays and circuit breakers, the secondary injection test kit is the go-to piece of electrical test equipment that every tech and field worker needs.

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Test Transformers Easily with the M5400 SFRA from Doble Test Equipment

When transformers experience physical impacts or sudden changes in the electrical system that cause movement of the physical components, it is helpful to know if these events have had permanent impacts on the internal geometry of the transformer.  This can be particularly difficult in liquid filled transformers without going through the time and very costly expense of de-tanking the transformer.  However, the application of Sweep Frequency Response Analysis, allows for a highly sensitive measurement to physical changes of the internal workings of the transformer without having to without having to visually inspect the inner workings of the transformer. 

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Rent the Cooper VFI Vacuum Fault Interrupter Tester

The Cooper VFI Vacuum Fault Interrupter Tester is a current injection device designed to simulate Fault Current for verification of minimum trip values and time current characteristics of Tri-Phase and TPG electronic control boards utilized in VFI pad-mounted switchgear.

Three internal flux-shift trippers enable confirmation of the presence of sufficient levels of energy upon the control board for operation of pad-mounted VFI flux-shift trippers. The on-board flux-shift trippers also enable self-checking of the VFI tester prior to general control testing. Further flux-shift tripper capability enables verification of operation of the flux-shift trippers within the VFI unit under test, external to the Cooper VFI tester.

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