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Protective Relay Testing with Omicron CMC 356

Using the Omicron CMC 356 Universal Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool enables engineers to have advanced functionality right at their fingertips. Verifying correct wiring is a must for wires coming from cubical terminals to the relay, between instrument transformers and relays as well as between the testing equipment and relay.

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Megger Delta 2000 Power Factor Test Set

When it’s time to assess the condition of electrical insulation in high voltage conditions such as transformer equipment, circuit breakers, cables, bushings and rotating machinery, there is no better solution than the Megger Delta-2000 Power Factor Test Set. Megger C & DF (Power Factor) test units are known for their comprehensive insulation diagnostics, and the Delta-2000 lives up to the Megger name.

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Merlin Gerin ME Secondary Injection Test Set

With the critical role of circuit breakers, it is very important to periodically verify that they are performing as designed and intended. Numerous electrical circuits can potentially be compromised if a circuit breaker fails to trip when fault conditions occur. As with any new product, we expect it to work properly right straight out of the box. The unfortunate truth is that this isn't always the case.  The same is true about circuit breakers.

This is why their proper operation should be verified as an acceptance test.  Additionally, circuit breakers experience environmental, mechanical, electrical and thermal stresses over the course of their service. A well planned preventative maintenance program can help in avoiding unplanned downtime and service interruptions due to what is often an avoidable mis-operation. Additionally, early detection of performance concerns can save on the cost of equipment repair and/or replacement. 

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