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Rent the Iris Power RIV800 for Rotor-in-Place Generator Inspection

The magnetically supported Iris Power RIV800 Robotic Camera Inspection Vehicle has been developed to provide an automated scanning method for the ELCID stator core interlaminar insulation test equipment.

The Vehicle allows scanning of the stator core of a generator or large motor, in order to test the integrity of the stator lamination insulation more efficiently. The equipment can also be adapted to carry other lightweight attachments for stator inspection including the mini-camera or wedge tightness probe. A single control unit is used to provide power and control to the vehicle and camera module.

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The Advantages of VLF Hipot Testing of Cables

Engineers prefer to test electric cables using very low frequency or VLF Hipot testing because of its safety and simplicity. This diagnostic test checks if the cable is still capable of withstanding the electricity passing through it. A test voltage of slightly higher than the cable's rating is applied and held for a specified time depending on the purpose for which the test is being performed. If the cable is bad, the defects in the cable will further deteriorate to the point of failure.

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Locating Faults on Low Voltage and Pilot Cables

In past blogs we discussed methods for localizing and pinpointing faults on medium and high voltage electric power cables.  These methods focused on the use of high voltage surge generators (thumpers), high voltage radar techniques (arc reflection) plus electromagnetic and acoustic pinpointing.  These techniques work well for medium and high resistance faults on shielded cable structures, but do not lend themselves to low voltage cables or pilot cables (signal and control lines). 

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