Our service is Legendary. How can we make such a claim? We didn’t, our customers did.

Protec’s entire company vision is predicated on this one goal: To Be the Best at What We Do … By a Wide Margin. Nowhere is this more true than with Protec’s customer service, our Legendary Service:

    1. Personal Service: When you call Protec, you will talk to a person, never a computer, and that person will be friendly and knowledgeable.

   2. Customer Focused: Your emergency is our emergency, and your success is our success. Everything we do is geared toward making you more competitive and successful in the marketplace.

   3. Emergency Service: In an emergency, Protec will drive the equipment directly from a regional office that is within reasonable proximity of the customer’s location or job site, even after hours or on weekends.

   4. Mission Critical Service: For customers in a bind, we can be quite resourceful, sending equipment counter-to-counter, on commercial airlines, buses, trains, or direct via courier services, even after hours or on weekends.


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We have more locations than any one of our competitors resulting in quicker, more reliable services.

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