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ABB Ekip Connect Secondary Injection Test Set

ABB Ekip Connect Secondary Injection Test Set

Manufacturer: ABB

Model: Ekip

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Product Details

The ABB Ekip Connect Secondary Injection Test Set is a software application for personal computers that interface with ABB low voltage circuit-breakers equipped with compatible protection releases.

The test set allows the releases to be configured, monitored, controlled and tested. Ekip Connect can connect to the releases in the point-to-point or network modes, and connection is made using the front test connector or to communication modules installed on the circuit-breaker.

ABB Ekip Connect can communicate with one or more releases so as to:

• Monitor the state of the circuit-breakers connected and record information.

• Execute operations, resets, signalling, etc.

• Configure the protection releases with customized parameters.

• Download information from releases equipped with Data logger.

• Create communication reports.

• Reset configurations.

• Configure and monitor the Power Controller function.

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