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AEMC 6290 200A Micro-Ohmmeter

AEMC 6290 200A Micro-Ohmmeter

Manufacturer: AEMC

Model: 6290

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Product Details

The high-current AEMC 6290 200A Micro-Ohmmeter is a portable, microprocessor-controlled instrument. It has optimized filters and protection for measurements in electrical substations. 

The AEMC 6290 200A Micro-Ohmmeter can be used to accurately measure very low contact resistances of high voltage circuit breakers, switches, busbars, etc., with test currents up to 200A. 

 Measurement accuracy is guaranteed with the AEMC 6290 200A Micro-Ohmmeter through a state-of-the-art signal amplification system, offset-free with high long-term stability. Resistance readings are shown in the alphanumeric display with up to 4½-digit resolution. It allows measurement resistances up to 20mΩ, and resolution of 0.1µΩ.    

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