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Astro-Med Dash 18 18-Channel Chart Recorder

Astro-Med Dash 18 18-Channel Chart Recorder

Manufacturer: Astro-Med

Model: Dash 18

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Product Details

The Astro-Med Dash 18 offers a large real-time waveform display, internal hard drive for capturing data, integral PC connectivity and optional chart recorder and supply data in the format you want. 

With audio and video snapshot recording - synchronized to waveform data - the Dash 18 ensures that you will capture all aspects of your test. 

• 18 channel chart recorder 

• Light weight and portable 

• 17” touch screen display 

• Video snapshot recording rates of up to 1 frame / second 

• Single ended voltage monitoring with maximum input of 250V AC or DC

 • Differential voltage recording with a maximum input of +/- 40V 

• Bridge measurement with a max input voltage of +/-40V Differential 

• Type J, K, T, E, and N thermocouple measurements 

• 73 GB hard drive • Sample rates from once per minute to 200000/second/channel 

• Real time signal testing including window, slope/level, and Event

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