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Doble F2253 Single Phase Relay Test Set

Doble F2253 Single Phase Relay Test Set

Manufacturer: Doble

Model: F2253

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Product Details

With voltage outputs going as high as 300V AC/ 400 V DC at continuous 150 VA, Doble F2253 is among the best single phase relay testers in the market.  It is a well-known testing device that does preventive maintenance. 

The test voltage can be adjusted from 300V AC/ 400V DC, and the maximum output is 90A AC or 60A DC. It has internal and external start/stop features along with a multi-mode timer control. It has many flexible options and it lets you change the phase angle and frequency of the test voltage for a given custom test configuration. The front panel of the device is simple to understand, and thus can be handled by anyone. 

The Doble F2253 is a device that is used by most companies to check their electrical devices as it can be easily operated by new electrical engineers. The F2253 is designed and engineered after several years of experience, which is why it is a powerful yet simple tool.    

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