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Doble F6051 Time Synchronizer

Doble F6051 Time Synchronizer

Manufacturer: Doble

Model: F6051

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Product Details

The Doble F6051 Time Synchronizer is a compact, IRIG-B time protocol converter for precise time synchronization in accordance with industry and security standards. With the Doble F6051, interior time stamping is possible. 

Use the Doble F6051 Time Synchronizer in combination with the Doble F6150, F6150e and 6150SV to accept modulated or demodulated signals from station satellite clocks.

Doble F6051 Time Synchronizer Features:

• Generates a 1pps signal for accurate time stamping

• Accepts modulated or demodulated signals from station satellite


• IRIG-B signal enters through a BNC connector

• GPS 1pps signal exits through an RS-422 connector

Doble F6051 Time Synchronizer Benefits:

• Use when you are unable to run a satellite antenna cable outside

• Generate time stamp even if doors and windows cannot be opened

for prolonged period due to CIP compliance concerns

• Capable of time synchronization for PMU, IEC 61850, & end-to-end

testing where an IRIG-B source is available

• Eliminates tangled satellite cables

• Fits conveniently in your lead bag

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