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FLIR T530 Professional Thermal Camera

FLIR T530 Professional Thermal Camera

Manufacturer: FLIR

Model: T530

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Product Details

The FLIR T530 Professional Thermal Camera is designed to support advanced thermographers and IR service consultants in the power generation, electrical distribution, and manufacturing industries by focusing on resolution, speed, and ergonomics. 

With the 180° rotating optical block, vibrant LCD display, and streamlined form factor, the FLIR T530 offers inspectors the necessary tools to support comprehensive inspections in challenging conditions, especially when equipment is obstructed from view or difficult to access.

FLIR T530 Professional Thermal Camera features:

• 180° rotating optical block and vivid 4" capacitive touch screen

• Up to 464 x 348-pixel native resolution (161,472 points of measurement)

• Fast and precise laser-assisted autofocus

• Laser distance and on-screen area measurement

• Customizable work folders

• Intelligent, interchangeable AutoCal™ lenses

FLIR T530 Professional Thermal Camera applications:

• IR Service Consultants

• Power Generation

• Electrical Distribution

• Manufacturing

• Mechanical Inspections

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