ABB TS3 Trip Unit Test Set

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GE M-PRO Test Box

Manufacturer: GE

Model: M-PRO

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Product Details

The GE M-PRO Test Box is a must have when testing the health and configuration of the GE M-PACT Plus Breaker.

The GE M-PRO Test Box is used as a means of powering up an M-PRO Plus Protection Relay - Electronic Trip Unit, simulating faults by secondary injection or for performing a forced trip of the breaker.

M-PACT Plus breaker will be in the test mode while M-PRO Plus is connected to the GE M-PRO Test Box through the test connector.

Connect the test box to the M-PRO Plus via the front panel 26-pin connector using a 15-pin to 26-pin converter.

Do not test the M-PRO Plus with the charger still connected, as this will disable power to the M-PRO Plus.

The GE M-PRO Test Box may be used as a simple power box to facilitate viewing of faults (e.g. after a trip) or the history of trips.