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GE TVRMS2 Secondary Injection Test Set

General Electric TVRMS2 Secondary Injection Test Set

Manufacturer: GE

Model: TVRMS2

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Product Details

The General Electric (GE) TVRMS2 Secondary Injection Test Set is designed for field testing of RMS-9, Epic, Power+, MicroVersaTrip Plus, and MicroVersaTrip PM Trip Units. 

The Test Kit includes the following features:  

  • Operation from 120 Vac or six D-cell batteries. 
  •  Trip Unit testing without de-energizing the breaker or removing the Trip Unit from the breaker. 
  • Verification of switch settings on Power+, RMS-9 and Epic Trip Units. 
  •  Either trip or no-trip testing for time-overcurrent characteristics. 
  •  Monitoring of pickup current and trip time during high-current injection testing. 
  •  Menu-driven test procedures for ease of use.  
  • The Test Kit interface with the Trip Unit is a three-wire digital communication link through the test jack on the front of the Trip Unit.       

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