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HV Diagnostics HVA30 30kV VLF / DC High Voltage Test Instrument

HV Diagnostics HVA30 30kV VLF / DC High Voltage Test Instrument

Manufacturer: HV Diagnostics

Model: HVA30

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Product Details

The single piece HVA30 is not only one of the most advanced high voltage VLF (Very Low Voltage) test systems available; it is also one of the lightest, most compact instruments of its type on the market.  Although primarily designed for the AC Hipot testing of extruded Medium Voltage cable systems - according to the new IEEE400 and international testing standards where the application of high voltage DC is no longer recommended - the multi-output HVA30 is also suitable for testing transformers, switchgear, rotating machines and other electrical apparatus. 

The instrument offers fully automatic Testing Sequences which allow the operator to effortlessly apply the correct testing standards without having to remember what  those testing parameters are, thus avoiding possible over stressing of the cable system. Standard features like built in storage of test results, smooth load independent and symmetrical Sinewave HV outputs, DC and AC VLF outputs, capacitance and insulation resistance (mega-ohmmeter) measurements, accurate RMS metering, integrated discharge and transient protection, all make this instrument the most sophisticated and easiest to use VLF instrument available. 

No other VLF unit on the market offers this option.  In addition a portable Tan Delta system can be used with the HVA30 for additional cable testing and cable diagnostic capabilities.   

• 30kV VLF or DC hipot

 • VLF (0.1Hz), DC, cable fault conditioning (burning), and sheath/jacket testing modes included • Fully automatic or manual cable test sequences 

• True symmetrical sinusoidal, load independent, output waveform across full load range 

• Real-time display of actual output waveform • Easy to use, ergonomic, menu guided, large backlit user interface 

• Rugged, one piece design • Large output load capability (up to 5µF) 

• Automatic and integrated load capacitance measurement with optimum frequency selection • Store test results in integrated memory our download to PC/laptop

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