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Larkin Power Components Power Semiconductor Tester - Model M3K

Larkin Power Components Power Semiconductor Tester - Model M3K

Manufacturer: Larkin Power Components, Inc.

Model: M3K

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The Larkin  Power Semiconductor Tester - Model M3K can test forward or reverse leakage currents at voltages up to 3300V - Designed for testing High Voltage Rectifier Diodes, SCRs/Thyristors, and Power Modules (including IGBTs and Darlington Transistors. Larkin  Power Semiconductor Tester - Model M3K Features Components are tested for forward and reverse leakage current at voltages up to 3300V. Tests components according to JEDEC JC-22 and EIA RS-397 test standards. Oscilloscope output provides the ability to observe the Voltage/Current curve on a X-Y oscilloscope. Gate Voltage/Current to trigger is tested and displayed on the panel meters. Short current limited to 20mA for operator safety. 

 Larkin  Power Semiconductor Tester - Model M3K Benefits Marginal components are easily identified during scheduled service, translating into less un-scheduled down-time. Identify and replace only marginal or bad components, resulting in a dramatic reduction in component costs. Test components before they are being installed to make sure they are functional, and to get a baseline measurement for future reference. Perform receiving inspection to make sure components meet the specifications.

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