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Magna PS-12/480 AC/DC Power Supply

Magna PS-12/480 AC/DC Power Supply

Manufacturer: Magna

Model: PS-12/480

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Product Details

The PS-12/480 AC/DC Power Supply provides an adjustable voltage/current source to meet a wide variety of field and lab testing applications. The unit has been designed and built to maximize power output while maintaining ease of portability.

• 12 A continuous current AC or DC power supply 

• 120 VAC input • 0-140 VAC, 12A up to 2 kVA 

• 0-190 VDC, 12A (fully rectified and filtered) 

• 0-240 VAC, 2A up to 500 VA 

• 0-480 VAC, 1A up to 500 

 • 0-320 VDC, 2A (fully rectified and filtered)

The Magna SPS-12/480 AC/DC Power Supply is no longer available. Please refer to the ETI AD-1 Portable AC DC Power Supply and ETI AD-2 AC DC Variable Power Supply to meet your electrical testing needs.

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