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Manta MTS-5100 Protective Relay Test System

Manufacturer: Manta

Model: MTS-5100

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Product Details

The Manta MTS-5100 Protective Relay Test System is the ideal system for testing and calibrating protective relays using traditional test techniques or applying realistic power system simulations.

The Manta MTS-5100 is capable of testing single overcurrent relays to multi-terminal end-to-end schemes, and includes all the power (VA) needed for old electromechanical relays in each output channel to minimize connection changes, with all of the output current and voltage channels necessary for modern microprocessor-based relays.

Powerful productivity functions and built-in intelligence of the Manta make performing realistic power system simulations simple, increasing productivity and effectiveness, and test results can be saved directly from the front panel to simplify NERC/FERC reporting requirements.

Manta MTS-5100 Protective Relay Test System Features:

• 6 AC/DC Currents 6x30Arms, 3x60Arms,1x180Arms

• 4 AC/DC Voltages 4x250Vrms, 1x750Vrms

• 12 Contact / 0-250Vrms Voltage inputs

• 4 Contact outputs

• Transducer voltage/input

• USB Memory

• GPS input

• IRIG input

• IRIG output

• IEC 61850

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