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Megger CB-832 High Current Test Set

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: CB-832

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Product Details

The Megger CB-832 High Current Test Set is a self-contained test set that incorporates a variable high-current output and appropriate control circuitry and instrumentation for testing thermal, magnetic or solid-state motor overload relays, molded-case circuit breakers, and ground-fault trip devices.


Digital memory ammeter: High-accuracy, direct reading instrument has read-and-hold memory for measurement of short-duration currents. Digital multi-range timer: Crystal-controlled, high-accuracy instrument measures operating time to 1 millisecond. High output current: Provides instantaneous currents up to 1800 amperes through a 225-ampere breaker. Solid-state output initiate circuit: Solid-state circuit eliminates the need for contact maintenance. Protection: Overload and short-circuit protection is incorporated. Enclosure: Heavy-duty Formica enclosure is equipped with carrying handles and removable hinged cover that protects instruments and controls during transportation and storage. Space is provided for test lead storage.