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Megger CB-845 High Current Test Set

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: CB-845

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Product Details

The Megger CB-845 High Current Test Set is used for testing circuit breakers rated up to 500 amperes.


Megger CB-845 High Current Test Set features:

  • High Current Test Set 
  • Continuous Current to 1200A at 6 V max 
  • Instantaneous Current to 5000A 
  • Test the time-delay characteristics of magnetic overload relays rated to 500A 
  • Solid-state digital ammeter with multiple ranges and a read-and-hold memory 
  • Solid-state digital timer measures the elapsed time of the test in either seconds or cycles 
  • Rugged, modular design makes the unit portable 
  • Input voltage 208 and 240V (switch selected), 30A