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Megger DDA-1600 Circuit Breaker Tester

Megger DDA-1600 Circuit Breaker Tester

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: DDA-1600

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Product Details

Ideal for testing low-voltage breakers rated to 1600-ampere frame size, The Megger DDA-1600 Circuit Breaker Tester features the Model DDA-1 Digital Data Acquisition Instrumentation and Control System, providing increased control of output current and high accuracy metering of the breaker under test.

The Megger DDA-1600 can be used for verifying the ratio of current transformers and testing thermal or magnetic motor overload relays. In the series configuration, the higher voltage output of DDA-1600 permits ready use in substations for primary injection testing of high-voltage circuit breakers and protective relays.

Megger DDA-1600 Circuit breaker tester features:

• Digital signal processing technology

• Variable firing angle and pulse duration

• Modular, portable design

• Complies with NEMA AB-4 Test Guidelines

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