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Megger DET24C Ground Resistance Tester

Megger DET24C Ground Resistance Tester

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: DET24C

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Product Details

The Megger DET24C is an advanced clamp-on ground resistance testers that set new standards in terms of access, performance, features, simplicity of operation and safety.  The Megger DET24C is used to measure earth/ground resistance in multiple loop installations without disconnecting the ground. 

The Megger DET24C is designed with flat core ends to prevent dirt build-up, ensuring measurement integrity and improved reliability over products with interlocking teeth. 

  • Large elliptical clamp design 
  •  Smooth mating surfaces on the clamp head CATIV 600 V operation 
  • Noise filter function Intelligent data hold function 
  •  Data storage with time- and date-stamped results

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