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Megger Professional Earth Test Kit

Megger 6320-245 Professional Earth Test Kit

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: ETKIT

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Product Details

The Megger Professional Earth Test Kit is designed to be as practical as possible.  Housed in a tough polyethylene carry case, the kit is stored neatly, well-protected and easy to transport.  In use the reels are fitted and retained on the spike handles, simply run out the test lead to the instrument and plug in, plug the other end directly into the spike, and test, easy.  When the test is complete, unplug the test leads and wind them in, whilst still on the spike.  Order Code 6320-245.

The Megger Professional Earth Test Kit includes:

■ Cable reel - 50m red

■ Cable reel - 50m black

■ Cable reel - 30m yellow

■ Cable reel - 30m green

■ Earth electrode lead - 4m green, 4mm shrouded plug and large

croc clip

■ Auger style spikes - 4 off

■ 50m Fibreglass measuring tape

■ Carry case - moulded polyethylene

■ Terminal adaptors supplied to allow connection to instrument

fitted with terminal posts

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