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Megger SMRT410 Multi-phase Relay Tester

Megger SMRT410 Multi-Phase Relay Tester

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: SMRT410

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Product Details

The Megger SMRT410 Multi-Phase Relay Tester has the “smart” combination of high compliance voltage and high current output to test all electromechanical, solid-state and microprocessor-based overcurrent relays, including; voltage controlled, voltage restraint and high impedance directional ground overcurrent.

Megger SMRT410 Multi-Phase Relay Tester features:

- Small, rugged, lightweight and powerful

-Operates with or without a computer

-Intuitive manual operation with Smart Touch View Interface

-High current, high power output (60 Amps/300 VA rms) per phase

-Flexible output design provides up to four-phase voltage and up to ten-phase current

-Network interface provides IEC 61850 test capabilities

-Fully automated testing using AVTS software

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