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Omicron CT Analyzer

Omicron CT Analyzer

Manufacturer: Omicron

Model: CT Analyzer

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Product Details

The Omicron CT Analyzer is the most complete testing system for protection and metering CTs according to IEEE and IEC standards. 

It allows all types of single and multi-ratio current transformers to be tested on-site in power system grids. Manufacturers of CTs, transformers or GIS use the CT Analyzer in their production facilities and test / development labs.

The CT Analyzer offers a wide range of measurements, such as:

  • CT-ratio and phase-angle accuracy with consideration of nominal and operational burden for various currents
  • CT winding resistance
  • CT excitation / saturation (unsaturated and saturated)
  • ALF and FS (direct and indirect)
  • Burden impedance
  • CT residual magnetism

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