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PMDT PDetector Handheld Partial Discharge Detector

Manufacturer: PMDT

Model: PDetector

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Product Details

The PMDT PDetector Handheld Partial Discharge Detector is used for Online Partial Discharge (OLPD) testing of medium and high voltage electrical equipment.

The PDetector uses all 5 types of sensor technology for online PD detection: TEV, UHF, HFCT, AE, and Ultrasonic.

Information from multiple sensors gives the PDetector the versatility needed to detect all types of PD in all types of substation apparatus, and the exact type (mechanism) of PD activity can be determined instantly using on-screen Phase Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) & Phase Resolved Pulse Sequence (PRPS).

PMDT PDetector Handheld Partial Discharge Detector Applications:

• Power Cables 

• Transformers


• Switchgear

• Substation Apparatus

PMDT PDetector Handheld Partial Discharge Detector Features:

• 5 types of sensors for online PD detection

• PRPD (2D) and PRPS (3D), instantly compares UHF and HFCT signals to local power frequency

• AE and ultrasonic value as RMS, PEAK, frequency content (x1, x2), phase, pulse, and wave spectrum

• Wireless sensor technology

• 8GB on-board data storage

• RFID asset tagging and Intelligent Patrol functions

• Determines specific PD type: void, corona, surface, particle or floating electrode

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