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Relcom FBT-6 Foundation Fieldbus Monitor

Relcom FBT-6 Foundation Fieldbus Monitor

Manufacturer: Relcom

Model: FBT-6

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Product Details

The Relcom FBT-6 Foundation Fieldbus Monitor is used to examine a live Fieldbus network without interfering with its operation. The Monitor is intended for commissioning and for maintenance personnel to verify network operation or to troubleshoot an errant network.

• Fieldbus monitor 

• Automatically tests segments and give OK/BAD with no operator intervention 

• Measures segment DC voltage 

• Detects short circuits between segment cable’s wires and shield 

• Measures noise below, at and above the Fieldbus frequencies 

• Shows when a device is added to or dropped from a segment 

• Ability to store and download readings from 8 segments via a USB port 

• Displays device addresses and signal levels

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