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RxMS 3,000A Rope

RxMS 3,000A Rope

Manufacturer: Rx Monitoring Services

Model: 3,000A Rope

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Product Details

 Rx Monitoring Services 3,000A Rope 

Wire Length 8ft 

• Measuring range: 5A- 3,200Arms AC 

• Max Working Voltage: 600Vrms 

• Basic probe accuracy: ± 1% of reading ± 1A 

• Linearity:  ± 0.2% of reading 

• Conductor position sensitivity:  ± 1% ofreading 

• Frequency Response: 10Hz to 10 kHz( -1dB) 

• Phase Shift: < 1 degrees 

• Total System Accuracy: +/- 2% RMS with offset errors of +/- 2.5Apk 

• System Gain: 0.2A/Count (16bit a2d) 

• Output voltage: 1mV/Amp 

• Total Range: +/- 6,000Apk probe limited to 4,500Apk 

• DC offset on startup can be significant for approximately 10 sec. 

Powered from power monitor or 2xAA

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