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RxMS Wireless DCx 10 Channel Probe

RxMS Wireless DCx 10 Channel Probe

Manufacturer: Rx Monitoring Services

Model: Wireless DCx 10 Channel Probe

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Product Details

The RxMS Wireless DCx  10 Channel Probe is a data logging tool that is utilized to monitor single 600V DC, 10 Channel 60V DC, DC Current as well as Temperature & Humidity. All on one power monitor 100 Channels of wireless probe support per power monitor has the ability to monitor up to 250 batteries, as well as DC data point (600V) and temperature & humidity. 

 DCx Voltage Probe Specifications: 

• 10 Channel • +/- 60 Vdc

 • Accuracy: ±0.01% 

• Noise: +/-2mV • TC = 1.63ppm/°F 

• 1 Sample per second max 

• Min, Max, Avg Log from 4 samples (Log rate dependant) 

• Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC(32F-104F)

 • Operating Humidity: 80% Max - Non-Condensing 

• Conforms to CAT II 150V  

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