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SMC PME-20-PH Phase Angle Meter

SMC PME-20-PH Phase Angle Meter

Manufacturer: SMC

Model: PME-20-PH

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Product Details

The PME-20-PH is an instrument designed mainly as a phase angle meter, although other parameters, such as Frequency and Power Factor can be measured. The instrument has an analogic scale that enables it to be used as a synchroscope.

The instrument has two inputs, which are galvanically isolated: a voltage input up to 500 V RMS and current input up to 25 A RMS, that can be connected directly into the input taps. The phase angle measurement has a resolution 0.1ยบ, regardless of the input values.

Inputs to 750V and 1000 A can be made using optional accessories. The instrument is supplied with 4 rechargeable AA size batteries, which provides a 6-hour autonomy.

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