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UEI Static Pressure Test Kit

Manufacturer: UEI

Model: SPT Kit

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Product Details

The UEI Static Pressure Test Kit provides a simple, timesaving alternative to U-tube pressure measurements. Use the UEI Static Pressure Test Kit to measure gas supply and draft pressures in residential or light commercial properties. 


The UEI Static Pressure Test Kit differential mode provides a convenient method to measure pressure drops.


UEI Static Pressure Test Kit features:

  • Dual input differential measurement to ±60 inches water column
  • Triple Scale: inches water column (In-WC), mBar, and PSI
  • MIN/MAX value capture
  • Data hold
  • Backlit display
  • Ruggedized, including rubber boot with integral magnet
  • Auto power-off


UEI Static Pressure Test Kit includes:

  • Dual Input Electronic Manometer (EM201E)
  • 2 Magnetic static pressure tips (ASP1)
  • 2 Brass valve fitting connector (BF100)
  • Soft carrying case (AC319) • Pressure tubing
  • 9V Battery


UEI Static Pressure Test Kit specifications:

  • Measurement range: -60” ~ +60” WC -100 ~ +100 mBar
  • Accuracy: ±0.03”WG < 3”WC ±1%RDG > 3”WC
  • Resolution: 0.001” -9.999” ~ +9.999” WC 0.01” for < -10” or > +10” WC
  • Operating range: 32˚~104˚F (0˚ - 40˚C), 10 ~ 90% RH non condensing
  • Battery Life: 40 hours min with alkaline battery